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Grain Handling & Equipment

Check out just some of latest Grain Handling Work. 

Grand Handling & Storage


W. B. Young Company, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of grain handling and storage equipment. We handle a wide variety of equipment including grain bins, augers, bucket elevators, conveyors, temperature monitors, grain cleaners, aeration equipment, and tube feeding systems. In addition we are a stocking distributor for drying systems, feed mills, pneumatic conveyors, hopper bottom tanks, screw conveyors, electric motors, and speed reducers.

In addition to bucket elevators, we manufacture augers, 2-way and 3-way valves (manual or electric), rack and pinion valves, catwalks, walkways, and 6" pipe towers.

We are a distributor of grain handling equipment for various companies including, GSI, Sukup, and Hutchinson/Mayrath to name a few.

Our construction equipment consists of several service trucks fully equipped with torches, welders and parts, a 8000 pound 42’ telehandler, a 75 ton crane with 192' boom, and a 30 ton crane with 146’ boom.

Bucket Elevators


We manufacture bucket elevators, ranging in capacity from 1,200 to 20,000 BPH. Our standard bucket elevators are all galvanized steel. Some available options are stainless steel, urethane lined heads, and explosion vents. On the bucket elevators are huck bolted galvanized leg sections with welded end flanges assures tight seal, accurate alignment, and fast erection.

Along with our standard bucket elevator, we have a gentle handling leg and a self-cleaning leg with contoured boots. Both are designed for the seed and feed industries.

​WB Young Co.
Grain Storage & Handling Equipment

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